vdr-plugin-osdteletext: OSDTeletext plug-in 0.8.0 released (1 comment)

Added by etobi over 15 years ago


  • Added Portuguese translation provided by Chris Silva
  • Updated Italian translation by Davide Cavalca
  • Removed the "OSD" from the main menu entry as suggested by Davide Cavalca
  • Added Ukrainian translation provided by Yarema P. aka Knedlyk
  • Removed obsolete options -R and -r
  • Remove remnants of VDR < 1.6 support
  • Updated Russian translation provided by Oleg Roitburd (Closes #46)
  • Improved error handling
  • Background toggling now allows to switch between black, the configured
    background transparency and full transparency as suggested by
    Walter K. (Closes #41)
  • Removed the OSDTELETEXT_REINSERTION_PATCH (dead code)
  • Removed timingdebug code
  • Merged class ChannelStatus into cTxtStatus and changed the code that
    detects, if the current live channel has been changed and the
    OsdTeletext receiver needs to switch to the new channel as well
  • Updated French translation provided by Nival Michaël (Closes #56)

vdr-plugin-tvtv: Version 0.4.0 released

Added by monty35 over 15 years ago

Version 0.4.0 of the tvtv-plugin for VDR is released now, some major fixes and minor updates were made since last official version 0.3.3. See the history file for more.

vdr-plugin-muggle: muggle plugin 0.2.2 released

Added by wrohdewald over 15 years ago


  • when showing covers as bitmaps, honour the image show duration from setup
  • after changing into lyrics mode, the lyrics for the first song were not
    automatically loaded from the internet
  • fix image modes TV and Black: They also showed the cover image
  • add italian translation, contributed by Diego Pierotto
  • fix off by one error when selecting tracks in play mode by using number keys,
    found by Thomas Balke
  • DisplayMode is now configurable, found by Thomas Balke. This defines between
    how many different types of information the first line toggles in the player.
  • README.mysql was incomplete
  • Mysql only: Fix order of insertion into empty playlist. Found by Thomas
  • update README.* about MySQL with utf8
  • importing subdirectories with mugglei: sorting by folder did not work for
    those tracks. Found by Thomas Balke.
  • fix bug #32 reported by Anonymous: mugglei will not run from a linked subfolder
  • when checking if we are in or under the top level dictory, no longer translate
    current path to realpath - always go through all symlinks. Fixes bug fix for
    bug #32, reported by Thomas. Hoping this does not break other configurations.
  • when destroying the OSD object, save muggle state. Fixes bug #37 reported by
  • updated translations by Ville Skyttä and Diego Pierotto

vdr-plugin-ttxtsubs: New VDR Teletext Subtitles plug-in release 0.0.6

Added by etobi over 15 years ago

The changes:

  • Project moved to
  • Applied patch from Rolf Ahrenberg (vdr-ttxtsubs-0.0.5-raastinrauta-edition.diff.gz)
    which introduces the following changes:
    • Rolf Ahrenberg
      • Updated the core patch and Makefile against VDR's current API
      • Added font, color, and DVB source selection
      • Added UTF8 support
      • Added layered OSD support
      • Fixed EPG scan hiccups
      • Fixed several race conditions in destructors
      • Silenced compilation warnings
    • Vyacheslav Diconov
      • Russian translation
    • Ville SkyttÀ
      • fixed crash in plugin shutdown
      • cleaned up logging to use syslog
    • Thomas GÃŒnther
      • German translation
    • Michaël Nival
      • Added missing const declarations
      • French translation
    • Luca Olivetti
      • Fixed displaying subtitles setting
      • Added a thread based subtitles scanner
      • Added delay settings
    • Tobias Grimm
      • Added manual page selection mode
  • Switched completely to VDR 1.6's I18N system and removed the old crap - no
    more support for older VDR versions!
  • Removed VDR*.patch and and added up-to-date VDR patches
    into into "patches" subdirectory (thx to Rolf Ahrenberg)
  • Removed location lines from *.po (thx to Rolf Ahrenberg)
  • Fixed wrong GPL license text (wrong FSF address)
  • Clarified license (it's GPL-2 or any later) and added a licence
    header to every source file

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