This little KDE kicker applet monitors the VDR video recorder. It creates an icon in the KDE system tray showing some informations about the VDR:

  • The current state (playing, recording, idle).
  • The time of the next scheduled recording(s) or the time to this recording(s)
  • A tooltip displays the name(s) of the running recording(s)
  • The tray icon shows disk usage if we run out of space
  • A window pops up if a recording has started or finished


  • You can select sound files for playing on started or finished recordings and for playing on disk space problems
  • Multiple clients can connect to the vdrmon plugin
  • The applet can shutdown the own computer after the current/next recording has finished

The application consists of two parts: vdr-kvdrmon (a vdr plugin) and kvdrmon (the KDE kicker applet).

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