Since VDR developer version 1.7.22 this feature is part of VDR:

- The new setup options "LNB/Device n connected to sat cable" can be used to define
which DVB-S devices are connected to the same sat cable and are therefore "bonded".
This obsoletes the LNBSHARE patch. Users of the LNBSHARE patch will need to newly
set up their sat devices with the above options.

Therefore, I consider this patch as obsolete an will not maintain it any more.

Here the 'historical' information:

See [[]] (German only) for a description of the patch. See also README.LNBshare (English).

Git: The patch is available in
To create a diff file from git, you can:

git clone git:// vdr-patch-lnbsharing
cd vdr-patch-lnbsharing
git diff vdr-1.7.16 > vdr-lnb-sharing.patch

Will create a patch against vdr-1.7.16.

git diff lnb-sharing-0.1.3 > vdr-lnb-sharing.patch

Will create a patch against lnb-sharing-0.1.3. This is usefull if you already applied lnb-sharing-0.1.3 and want to 'update' the patch version.