This Plugin is useful to change channel with a multi level choice. In the first version is possible to select a group, indicate by the row with ":" in channels.conf, and after the channel in that group.

  • In the second version is possible to select a channel by group, by Provider and alphabetically.
  • In the third version we have the internazionalization of the plugin, a correction in the management of the alphabetic order and a different way of visualization of the channel controlled by setup.
  • In the 4th version we have two new sorting : by source+name and source+provider. The key "0" is enabled with useful actions.
  • In the 5th version we have filtering by type of channel on the active ordering: Radio, Tv, Crypted tv.
  • In the 5th(a) version we have a correction on IconPatch.If you have the patch and you want to use the Icons change "config.h".
  • In the 5th(b). Another stupid bug.
  • In version 0.0.6. Pressing key "0" in group, sort it alphabetically; Pressing key 1-9 in the first menu works as in a mobile phone (eg. 1-->"ABC", 2-->"DEF", etc.). In the setup if you want you can setup the old style (change by number); Bugfix on setup (now you really use the setting you change).

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