LCDproc Plugin 0.0.10-jw9 released

Added by jowi24 over 11 years ago

2012-04-25: Version 0.0.10-jw9
- added russian translation
  (provided by Jakob Kais <>)
- Patch to prevent cppcheck warnings/errors and valgrind messages
  (submitted by Joe_D, #943)
- Adapt plugin to API changes in VDR 1.7.26
- Update Italian translations
  (Provided by Diego Pierotto)
- Add eclipse project files and .gitignore
  Works without modifications, if VDR sources are located
  in <workspace>/vdr

LCDproc Plugin 0.0.10-jw8 released

Added by jowi24 almost 13 years ago

  • updated italian translation
    (provided by Diego Pierotto)
  • fixed a bug with displaying the volume bar. If connection to LCDd is lost and
    volume is changed in the meantime, the volume bar got mixed up after reconnection.
  • adapted to changes in VDR 1.7.11 regarding character set conversion.
  • implemented cStatus::SetAudioChannel and SetAudioTrack to display audio track
    information on lcd.
  • adapted Makefile for VDR >= 1.7.13
  • fixed a possible buffer overflow in cLcd::SetRunning which caused an ABRT signal with
    recent libc

Lcdproc plug-in 0.0.10-jw7 released

Added by Joe_D over 14 years ago



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