OSDTeletext plug-in 0.9.2 released

Added by etobi about 12 years ago

  • Some code refactorings (Thx to Ville Skyttä)
  • FF card transfer mode on channel switch with VDR >= 1.7.25 (Closes: #9)
    (Thx to Udo Richter)
  • VDR 1.7.26 compatibility (Thx to Ville Skyttä)
  • Better live view channel switch detection

OSDTeletext plug-in 0.9.0 released (2 comments)

Added by etobi over 13 years ago


  • Updated Italian translation provided by Diego Pierotto (Closes #151)
  • Fix valid page number check in TeletextBrowser::ExecuteAction (Closes #154)
  • Fixed possible segfault (Closes #179) - (Thx to Manuel Reimer)
  • Added setup option to disable main menu entry (Closes #149)
    (Thx to Manuel Reimer!)
  • Added command line option to enable storing TopText pages, which is
    now disabled by default (References #177) (Thx to Andreas Brachold!)
  • Makefile adjustments for VDR 1.7.13.
  • Don't care if the current channel really changed, if we get a channel switch
    on the primary device (Thx to Sören Moch)

OSDTeletext plug-in 0.8.2 released (4 comments)

Added by etobi almost 15 years ago


  • More refactoring of the TxtStatus class (Thx to Sören Moch!)
  • Install plug-in to lib dir with --remove-destination as suggested
    by Christian Wieninger (Closes #57)
  • If background is configured to completely black or transparent,
    toggle between black and transparent only.
  • Updated Italian translation provided by Diego Pierotto (Closes #60)
  • Fixed problems with VDR >= 1.7.3 (not all teletext pages accessible,
    4 GByte VTX files)
  • Removed unnecessary DVBDIR from Makefile

OSDTeletext plug-in 0.8.0 released (1 comment)

Added by etobi over 15 years ago


  • Added Portuguese translation provided by Chris Silva
  • Updated Italian translation by Davide Cavalca
  • Removed the "OSD" from the main menu entry as suggested by Davide Cavalca
  • Added Ukrainian translation provided by Yarema P. aka Knedlyk
  • Removed obsolete options -R and -r
  • Remove remnants of VDR < 1.6 support
  • Updated Russian translation provided by Oleg Roitburd (Closes #46)
  • Improved error handling
  • Background toggling now allows to switch between black, the configured
    background transparency and full transparency as suggested by
    Walter K. (Closes #41)
  • Removed the OSDTELETEXT_REINSERTION_PATCH (dead code)
  • Removed timingdebug code
  • Merged class ChannelStatus into cTxtStatus and changed the code that
    detects, if the current live channel has been changed and the
    OsdTeletext receiver needs to switch to the new channel as well
  • Updated French translation provided by Nival Michaël (Closes #56)

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