This plugin uses a Hauppauge PVR card as an input device. All cards supported by the ivtv, cx18, hdpvr or pvrusb2 driver should work. This version of the plugin requires ivtv driver version 1.0 or higher.

If you like to test the 'hottest' code go to

or do something like that in your vdr-source-directory:

cd PLUGINS/src
git clone git:// pvrinput
cd ../..
make plugins

After that you can get the latest code with
cd PLUGINS/src/pvrinput
git pull
cd ../../..
make plugins

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pvrinput uses udev-interface of dynamite (6 comments)
Plug in you pvrusb2 and it will be used by vdr!
Added by lhanisch about 13 years ago

attach/detach pvrinput-devices while vdr is running (7 comments)
Now pvrinput is compatible with the dynamite-plugin!
Added by lhanisch about 13 years ago

vdr 1.7.13 obsoletes pluginparam-patch (42 comments)
Added by lhanisch about 14 years ago

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