A software and GPU emulated HD output device plugin for VDR.

  • Video decoder CPU / VDPAU
  • Video output VDPAU
  • Audio FFMpeg / Alsa / Analog
  • Audio FFMpeg / Alsa / Digital
  • Audio FFMpeg / OSS / Analog
  • HDMI/SPDIF pass-through
  • Software volume, compression, normalize and channel resample
  • VDR ScaleVideo API
  • Software deinterlacer Bob (VA-API only)
  • Autocrop
  • Grab image (VDPAU only)
  • Suspend
  • Letterbox, Stretch and Center cut-out video display modes
  • atmo light support with
  • PIP (Picture-in-Picture) (VDPAU only)
  • planned: remove VA-API support
  • planned: Video decoder OpenMax
  • planned: Video output OpenGL / Xv
  • planned: Improved Software Deinterlacer (yadif or/and ffmpeg filters)
  • XvBa support is no longer planned (use future Radeon UVD VDPAU)

Known bugs:

  • VA-API needs latest release or git (staging) version
  • VA-API !OpenGL output does no v-sync with H264 interlaced streams
  • These bugs will be fixed by removing VA-API support

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Latest news

Release stable SoftHDDevice Version 0.6.0
Stable release of SoftHDDevice output plugin
Added by johns about 11 years ago

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Manager: johns

Developer: johns