vdr-plugin-text2skin: Text2skin plugin 1.3.4 released

Added by fnu over 6 years ago


- Minor notation correction.
- Refine translations.
- Update HISTORY.
- Make tab width configurable.
- Make MAX_CHARS configurable.
- min from stl to fix build error VDR 2.3.5.
- fix one c++11 compiler warning.
- Detach STRIP from DEBUG flag (thx Tobias Grimm).
- Add VDR API 2.3.1 compatibility for "New token: ChannelServiceReference".
- New token: ChannelServiceReference
- Correct image display using TT6400 high level osd.
- fix compiler error (c++11), in case DEBUG is enabled.
- Purge DEVELOPMENT_FEATURES, permanently enabled with t2s-rerunandtab.diff.
- add VDR API 2.3.1 compatibility for t2s-rerunandtab.diff
- Add compatibility for VDR API >= 2.3.1.

vdr-plugin-text2skin: Text2skin plugin 1.3.3 released

Added by fnu over 6 years ago


- New tokens: UsedDiskSpace, TotalDiskSpace, VideoSizeWidth, VideoSizeHeight
  (closes #465, thanks to NemoN).
- Documentation fixes.
- Commit t2s_rerunandtab.diff by
- Commit common_c.diff most probably by Christian Winninger (unknown source)
- Commit status_c.diff most probably by Gerald Dachs (unknown source)
- Commit static-std-string.diff by Lars Hanisch (unknown source)
- Commit text2skin-signal.patch by (unknown source)
- Commit text2skin-vdr2.1.2compat.diff by Christopher Reimer (unknown source)
- New version reflecting VDR 2.2.0 compatibility

vdr-convert: vdr-convert version 2 released

Added by keynet over 6 years ago

There are several significant new features:

  • Option to convert to H265/HEVC via new -v switch, with potential for file size 1/2 of H264, 1/4 of MPEG2
  • Multiple format options in single-use/batch modes via -f flag: avi, mkv, mp4, mov, m2ts, ts, aac, m4a and mp3
  • Added support for Fraunhofer AAC codec and libmp3lame codec for mp3 via new -a switch
  • Added automatic conversion of AC3/DTS streams in VDR1.x recordings
  • Added automatic conversion of editing marks to .edl files for Kodi, mplayer in single-use mode
  • Info, warn and error criticality for different types of problems + optional email at criticality "error"
  • Conversion runtime + realtime/runtime ratio logged

+Various other fixes and improvements; todo's cleared

Project Management: Spam cleanup

Added by etobi over 6 years ago

I did some spam cleanup on today. There was a lot of spam in news-comments. I hope I've catched all spam, if not, please let me know.

All spam-users and inactive users which haven't created any kind content have been deleted as well.

I might have deleted some "false positives". If you are missing something, please let me know and I will try to recover it from the backup.

If your account was deleted and you can't login anymore, please let me know or just register again.

Right now registration requires manual confirmation by the administrator, until I've found a suitable solution to avoid spam users (most likely a captcha).



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