This is a plugin to encode the vdr-recordings or dvd's into several formats. The supported output-formats are:

Containers: avi, ogm, matroska
Video-codecs(divx): lavc, xvid, divx4/5
Audio-codecs: mp3, ogg-vorbis, stream-copy for ac3 and mpeg2

Ogg-vorbis, ac3, ogm and matroska have to be manually activated in the setup-menu of the plugin. All further codecs are automatically detected by the plugin.

You can manually adjust the encoding values, or simply select a template (read the section 'Templates' in this manual to find out
more about them). If you input the resulting movie size (or number of files), the video/audio bitrate is calculated. If you change the video/
audio bitrate, the file size is calculated. If there is more then one audio-stream available, you can toggle between them.

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New Snapshot released
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This nice plugin will be improved in the near future
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New snapshot
Released new snapshot based on git rev c55d873a
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