Profile is now hosted on a new server!

The site has been pimped!
Added by etobi about 12 years ago is now hosted on a new server:

Opteron™ 1381 Quad-Core, 4 x 2,5 GHz
2 x 500 GB (Raid 1)
500 GB FTP Backup Space

The server is still fully sponsored by

Thanks a lot!

Thanks to Siegmar as well for providing the subdomain!

It's currently running a 64bit Debian/Squeeze with Kernel 2.6.32-5.

I also took the chance to change some things under the hood. The updated Redmine now runs under a Mongrel cluster served by the Nginx webserver.
This should give it a minor performance boost.

git-web has been replaced by cgit, which is significantly faster. You might now also use the cgit-URL's to pull a repository via http.

Instead of gitosis, I now use gitolite to manage the Git-repositories. I have plans to integrate the repository and public key management into
Redmine sometimes, but don't expect this very soon.

The username for write-access to the Git-repositories has been changed from 'gitosis' to 'git-vdr'. You can still continue to use the old
username, but I might drop this sometimes. It is easily changed with:

git remote set-url origin \

If you are missing a feature, have any improvement suggestions or have
any problem, please create an issue here:

or contact me by mail:

Have fun!