News might come to an end

Added by etobi over 1 year ago

Over the last years, the site was hosted on a server sponsored by This server will now go offline on June, 7'th.

Currently there are about 10 projects with activity in the last 12 months.

I haven't made a final decision on how to proceed, but I'm leaning towards taking the site offline. In this case I will archive the git repositories on gitlab or github and possibly keep a read-only instance of Redmine on my private vServer for a while.

Let me know, what you think. If there are many comments in favor of keeping the site online, I'm sure I can find a solution.

Please see the thead on VDR mailing list:

Spam cleanup

Added by etobi over 6 years ago

I did some spam cleanup on today. There was a lot of spam in news-comments. I hope I've catched all spam, if not, please let me know.

All spam-users and inactive users which haven't created any kind content have been deleted as well.

I might have deleted some "false positives". If you are missing something, please let me know and I will try to recover it from the backup.

If your account was deleted and you can't login anymore, please let me know or just register again.

Right now registration requires manual confirmation by the administrator, until I've found a suitable solution to avoid spam users (most likely a captcha).


Scheduled maintenance on Saturday/Sunday

Added by etobi over 10 years ago

On Saturday/Sunday (2013-01-12 / 2013-01-13) I will run a lot of upgrades on the server.

The Redmine projects might be offline for some hours but the Git repositories will still be accessible.

Sorry for any inconveniences! I'll try to keep the downtime as short as possible.

Spam-Elimination (1 comment)

Added by etobi over 11 years ago

There were a lot of gmail/hotmail accounts that left some SPAM comments.
I've deleted them all, so if I accidentally deleted a valid user, please let me know and I'll restore your account!

Besides this: You can always report SPAM to me, and I'll try my best to kick it out of this project site. is now hosted on a new server! (2 comments)

Added by etobi about 12 years ago is now hosted on a new server:

Opteron™ 1381 Quad-Core, 4 x 2,5 GHz
2 x 500 GB (Raid 1)
500 GB FTP Backup Space

The server is still fully sponsored by

Thanks a lot!

Thanks to Siegmar as well for providing the subdomain!

It's currently running a 64bit Debian/Squeeze with Kernel 2.6.32-5.

I also took the chance to change some things under the hood. The updated Redmine now runs under a Mongrel cluster served by the Nginx webserver.
This should give it a minor performance boost.

git-web has been replaced by cgit, which is significantly faster. You might now also use the cgit-URL's to pull a repository via http.

Instead of gitosis, I now use gitolite to manage the Git-repositories. I have plans to integrate the repository and public key management into
Redmine sometimes, but don't expect this very soon.

The username for write-access to the Git-repositories has been changed from 'gitosis' to 'git-vdr'. You can still continue to use the old
username, but I might drop this sometimes. It is easily changed with:

git remote set-url origin \

If you are missing a feature, have any improvement suggestions or have
any problem, please create an issue here:

or contact me by mail:

Have fun! moves to a new server (1 comment)

Added by etobi about 12 years ago

I'm going to move to a new server this week!

I'll try to keep the down-time as short as possible, but please
be prepared to have no access to the issue tracker and GIT repositories
on Thursday and/or Friday (2011-07-28 / 2011-07.29).

I'll keep you informed about the progress on the VDR Mailing List.

Thanks for your patience!


Some minor updates

Added by etobi almost 13 years ago

I've noticed that GitWeb was kinda slow, so I've updated GitWeb and Git to 1.7.1. It should now be more responsive.
Besides this I've updated Redmine to version 1.0.2 and added some more restrictive bot rules, because I had a lot of bot/spider traffic recently.

I hope everything still runs smooth. If not, drop me a note! update to Redmine 1.0.0

Added by etobi about 13 years ago

With the update Redmine will show Git-branches and tags in its built-in repository browser plus some other nice features.

I try to make this transition as smooth as possible, but I might need to take down the whole service for some hours.

Only the Redmine webinterface will be affected you can still use the Git repositories! downtimes

Added by etobi about 14 years ago

During the last weeks the high load produced by scripts / spiders or whatever sometimes caused the MySQL server to run out of memory and shut down. Only the project management site was affected, not the GIT repositories.

I did some package upgrades and after an uptime of 275 days, needed to reboot the server.

As soon as the problem with the MySQL server happens again, I will probably replace it.

If you experience any problems with, please drop me a mail (projects<AT>e-tobi<DOT>net)


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