About is a place for community maintained VDR projects. The idea for this was born out of a survey conducted among VDR users, where it turned out, that even some VDR plug-ins that haven't been updated for years are still very popular.

So the main goal for this is, to be a community effort to continue the development of such orphaned VDR plug-ins and give them a new home.

But is open to EVERYONE. It offers a Wiki, file downloads, a documents section, an issue tracker, a news tracker and a GIT repository for each project.

Registering a new project is very easy. Just follow the instructions in "Registering a new project".

Everyone who want's to join a project - You're welcome! Just register an account on and ask the project manager to give you full access to the project.

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to ask me privately: vdr <AT>


The root server hosting is sponserd by the Open Source Factory
The Open Source Factory is a German company, which uses VDR for their commercial product Xeatre.TV.

Thanks go also to Siegmar and Thomas for providing a subdomain of !