Registering a new project

Registering a new project is very easy. All you need to do is:

  1. Choose a user name and register an account on
    (You need to provide a valid email address, but this address will not be visible to others. In order to register a new project,
    I kindly ask you to also provide your real name.)
  2. Create a new issue on the "Project Management" project.
    Briefly describe, what project you want to be created and how it should be named. If you are adopting an orphaned VDR plug-in,
    please ask the original author first, if he is ok with this. In order to get write access to the GIT repository, please also attach your
    public SSH key,
  3. As soon as your project is created (which is done manually, so give us at least 48 hour before complaining), you will have full access to it.