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  • Compound Media Player

    CMP is a client/server mediaplayer, intended to play any media (that ffmpeg supports) from any workstation without the need to export and mount nfs shares or the like.
    The backend acts like a http-server, which means, it offers the medialist as html-pages (default) or as json-responses (on request), so sofisticated Javascript pages could be created....

  • runvdr eXtreme

    runvdr extreme is a runvdr script, just like the runvdr script included in the VDR distribution. Additionally, it supports configuration files, lots of command line options and additional features.

  • Scraper2VDR plugin

    Scraper2VDR is a client plugin which provides scraped metadata from EPGD (like general information, posters, banners, fanarts, actor thumbs) to skins and other plugins which display EPG Information.

  • Tinkerforge LCD Plugin

    The Tinkerforge LCD Plugin supports the 20x4 LCD from ( to display information from the VDR

  • tvtime-vdr

    VDR keyboard control for tvtime.

  • VDR Amlogic HD Device

    VDR HD output device for Amlogic SoC

  • VDR Audiorecorder Plugin

    Floods your disc with music! This plugin records songs with artist, title and ID3-Tag

  • VDR Boblight Plugin

    vdr-plugin-boblight ===================

    This is a "plugin" for the Video Disk Recorder (VDR).

    Boblight with data from softhddevice

    Needs and boblightd configured and running (

    Priority [128] Every boblight client has a priority, the higher the lower ...

  • VDR Duplicates Plugin

    Shows duplicate recordings.

  • VDR EPG Daemon

    epgd - a EPG daemon which fetch the EPG and additional data from various sources (like epgdata,, ...) and provide it to the epg2vdr plugin via a MySQL database. The epgd get the EPG from the sources by plugins. A plugin for epgdata is contained....

  • VDR EPG2VDR Plugin

    VDR EPG2VDR Plugin of client/server EPG solution based on a MySQL database for VDR

  • VDR MPV Plugin

    a media player for VDR which uses libmpv for playback

  • VDR Plex Plugin

    Plex for VDR

    A Plex Client for the VDR.
    Plays Videos directly in the VDR, via softhddevice, fullfeatured not tested.
    Browse your plexmediaserver, and play your media.
    Control via Plex for Android/IOS/Web, play, pause, stop, seeking
    Cast Vimeo, Youtube, Apple-Trailers, and many other Plexchannels to your VDR....

  • VDR Raspberry Pi HD Device

    VDR HD output device for Raspberry Pi

    The plugin makes use of the Raspberry Pi's VideoCore GPU and provides a lightweight implementation for a VDR output device.


    • MPEG-2 and H264 high-profile video codec up to 1080p30...
  • VDR Skin flatPlus

    flatPlus ist ein moderner und aktueller Skin für VDR.
    Das Design ist flach und geradlinig (keine glossy oder 3D-Effekte)
    Der Skin ist auf die eigenen Bedürfnisse konfigurierbar.

  • VDR HDDArchive Plugin

    Brings the archive-hdd functionality to VDR.

  • VDR MCLI Plugin

    Fork based on

    Patches from applied to run with vdr 2.0.3.

    Get a copy:
    git clone git://

  • VDR Neutrino-EPG Plugin

    Display EPG info as classical neutrino show

  • VDR BluRay Plugin

    BluRay disc player plugin for VDR

  • VDR Chanman Plugin

    This Plugin is useful to change channel with a multi level choice. In the first version is possible to select a group, indicate by the row with ":" in channels.conf, and after the channel in that group.

    • In the second version is possible to select a channel by group, by Provider and alphabetically....
  • VDR client for Motorola VIP

    A javascript client running on Motorola VIP hardware to access a VDR server.
    Tested with VIP1963, VIP1903, VIP1960 & VIP1910, but should run on other VIP models too.

  • VDR EEPG Plugin

    Extended EPG (EEPG) plugin for VDR.
    This project is intended to continue the development and mantainance of the EEPG plugin created by Dingo35

  • VDR EPGFixer Plugin

    Plugin for modifying EPG data using regular expressions.

  • VDR EPGSearch Plugin

    EPGSearch can replace VDRs schedule menu and automate your timer programming

  • VDR FFNetDev Plugin

    Dieses Plugin soll eine Art Full-Featured DVB device emulation über das Netzwerk sein. VDR sieht also ein weiteres Device, das MPEG2-Playback und ein OSD unterstützt. Nur werden diese Daten über das Netzwerk an einen Client gesendet. Ein kleiner Nebeneffekt: Man kann sich mit einem beliebigem VNC-Client (z.B. Tight-VNC) das OSD des VDR anzeigen lassen um den VDR zu steuern....

  • VDR Skin flat

    Einfacher und schlanker Skin für VDR

  • VDR GraphTFT Plugin

    ----- plugin deprecated ----

    replaced by vdr-plugin-osd2web

    Plugin zur Darstellung des VDR OSD auf einem zusätzlichen Bildschirm. Die Ausgabe kann über ein Framebuffer-Device oder über eine TCP Verbindung zu dem enthaltenen X-Frontend erfolgen.

  • VDR History plugin

    Plugin for maintaining a replay history of recordings and other files.

  • VDR Inputdev Plugin

    This plugin reads input events from /dev/input/eventX devices which can be added and removed dynamically ("hotplugged"). The corresponding actions are triggered by "udev" events.

    The plugin supports native text input with keyboards.

  • VDR Lightpack Plugin

    Plugin for access lightpack/prismatik software from vdr

  • VDR Pin Plugin

    The pin plugin is a child protection for recordings, channels, events and plugins.

  • VDR Play Plugin

    There is an advanced fork:

    use this.

    Mediaplayer plugin for VDR and X11

    Use mplayer to play the files.

    • Video / DVD
    • Audio / Audio-CD
    • Images / Comicbooks


    • Vdr OSD
    • Vdr menus while playing...
  • VDR Playlist Plugin

    This plugin allows to create playlists out of the VDR's recordings

  • VDR RipIt Plugin

    With this plugin you could rip AudioCDs.

    View for more Infos and how to install.

  • VDR Script-Tools

    Sammlung kleiner Hilfsscripte für VDR Nutzer.

    Ziel ist es, zahlreiche Scripte (gesammelt werden kleine Helferlein und keine Dinge wie Videokonvertierungsscriptsammelungen) zu sammeln die jeder VDR Nutzer so benötigt. Die Scripte sollen geprüft (keine schnellen bash 3 Zeiler) sein und in sich geschlossen bestimmte Funktionen erfüllen....

  • VDR seduatmo Plugin

    Atmolight Plugin für SEDU basierte controller und softhddevice

    Das Plugin unterstützt die Protokolle miniDMX und tpm2.
    Als zur Abtastung des aktuellen TV Bildes wird derzeit nur das Service-Interface zu softhddevice unterstützt

    Hier hat ein Anwender ein Video hinterlegt wie es im Live Betrieb ausschaut:

  • VDR Skin nOpacity

    "nOpacity" is a highly customizable native true color skin for the Video Disc Recorder

  • VDR on SmartTV (Plugin and Widget)

    VDR on Smart TV allows viewing of VDR recordings and Live TV on a Smart TV. The smarttvweb plugin exposes recordings and some other media as HTTP stream either in HTTP Progressive (.ts), MPEG-DASH (.mpd) or Apple HLS (.m3u8) format. Seeking (HTTP Range requests) is supported. The provided HTTP stream can be rendered on SmartTVs and other devices such as SmartPhones. The plugin also offers a set of HTTP methods to retrieve metadata for recordings (incl. description, length, etc). ...

  • VDR Skindesigner Plugin

    A VDR skinning engine that displays XML based Skins

  • VDR SMTLED Plugin

    This plugin displays the current channel on the LED display of the Samsung SMT-7020S.

  • VDR SoftHDDevice Plugin

    A software and GPU emulated HD output device plugin for VDR.

    • Video decoder CPU / VDPAU
    • Video output VDPAU
    • Audio FFMpeg / Alsa / Analog
    • Audio FFMpeg / Alsa / Digital
    • Audio FFMpeg / OSS / Analog
    • HDMI/SPDIF pass-through
    • Software volume, compression, normalize and channel resample...
  • VDR TVGuide Plugin

    "TvGuide" is a highly customizable 2D EPG viewer plugin.

  • VDR TVGuideNG Plugin

    "TvGuideNG" is a highly customizable 2D EPG viewer plugin for Skindesigner Skins.

  • VDR TVScraper Plugin

    TVScraper runs in the background and collects metadata (posters,
    banners, fanart, actor thumbs and roles, descriptions) for all
    available EPG events on selectable channels and for recordings.

  • VDR UActivity plugin

    Run shellscripts in case of some VDR events. The events are user activity changes, keys send to the plugin (via keymacros) an on regular base (every x seconds based on command line setting).
    It could be used to switch the tv/the lcd display or to start/stop the frondend based of the user activity status....

  • VDR Undelete Plugin

    This plugin allows to undelete accidentally deleted VDR recordings

  • VDR User Activity Plugin

    Prevents shutdown if there are active X or terminal users.

  • VDR Xine Plugin

    The xine plugin is a VDR output device plugin using the Xine multimedia playback library.

    The plugin was originally created by Reinhard Nißl, but is not maintained anymore.
    This project just tries to give the plugin a new home and keep it alive as far as people still use it....

  • VDR Zaphistory Plugin

    the plugin provide a history of the latest viewed channels with statistics informations.

  • vdr-plugin-image

    This plugin allows the display of digital images, like jpeg, tiff, png, bmp and some more, on the TV screen, using the DVB out device from vdr.

  • VDR Mame Plugin

    A plugin to launch MAME games.

  • VDR PearlHD Skin Plugin

    This is a conversion of the PearlHD-Skin written by mapovi to a native vdr-plugin.

  • VDR Rotor-NG Pugin

    Next generation of a VDR plugin design to drive a diseqc rotor.

  • VDR Sleeptimer Plugin

    Shutdown, mute or execute a custom command after a configurable timespan. User keys and keymacros.conf are supported.

  • VDR-Manager

    Attention: I've renamed this program from AndroVDR to VDR-Manager because
    another project was published at the same time using the same name.

    With VDR-Manager you can program VDR using mobile devices running Android.
    So you can browse the EPG, manage timers and wakeup your VDR from anywhere....

  • DF10CH Atmolight Controller

    This project covers circuit and board layouts of hardware, firmware source and setup program source for a 10 channel Atmolight Controller.
    This controller is supported by DFAtmo the driver for 'Atmolight' controllers for XBMC and xinelib based video players....

  • EPG Meta Information

    Information to follow.

  • eSVDRP

    eSVDRP is an SVDRP-Proxy, designed to secure an SVDRP-Connection over unsecure Networks (e.g the internet)
    It's written in Java and uses DES-Encryption with an pre-shared-key.

  • graphlcd

    GraphLCD is a project to support graphical LC displays connected to the PC. It is mainly used by the graphlcd plugin for the Video Disc Recorder to display its information.

    graphlcd-base contains the lowlevel drivers, vdr-plugin-graphlcd is the main vdr plugin....

  • iStreamdev

    iStreamdev is a webapp iPhone frontend for vdr.

    It streams vdr TV channels& recordings, and all your video & audio files to your
    unjailbroken iPhone throught the embedded Quicktime player.

    Check the Wiki for more info: Home

  • KVDRMon

    This little KDE kicker applet monitors the VDR video recorder. It creates an icon in the KDE system tray showing some informations about the VDR:

    • The current state (playing, recording, idle).
    • The time of the next scheduled recording(s) or the time to this recording(s)...
  • MPV VDR-Streamdev-Client

    Turns MPV into a VDR-Streamdev Client

    Allows easy channel switching a la VDR, shows the EPG and lets you watch your recordings and runs on Linux, Mac OS and Windows!

    See [[]] for more info!...

  • NarrowHD

    NarrowHD is a full HD skin inital based on the famous PearlHD skin.

  • vdr

    Mirror of the official VDR GIT repository which is maintained by Klaus (VDR project owner) directly.

    Other mirrors:

  • VDR & DVB Packaging

    "VDR & DVB Packaging" soll die Arbeit an den VDR-relevanten Debian- und Ubuntu-Paketen koordinieren.

    "VDR & DVB Packaging" is a place to coordinate the work on the Debian/Ubuntu-packaging of VDR related packages.

  • VDR Block Plugin

    The block plugin is a fork of the orphaned taste plugin 0.0.2d which was
    originally coded by LordJaxom.
    This plugin prevents you from being bothered by unwanted broadcasts.
    Instead of those the screen will stay black, the sound muted, an info
    message appears in the OSD and after a configurable pause the vdr ...

  • VDR Dynamite Plugin

    This plugin turns the dvbdevices into hotpluggable devices. They can be dynamically attached and detached while vdr is running.

    Don't forget to patch the vdr-source, you find the necessary one in the "patches" directory of the plugin sources.
    A vdr repository with this patch in an additional branch can be found here:...

  • VDR Fritz Plugin

    Ein Plugin das in Verbindung mit einer AVM Fritz!Box Anrufsignalisierung und weitere Funktionen für den Video Disc Recorder (VDR) bietet.

    Git-Repository und Issue-Tracker unter

    Downloads und Beschreibung unter

  • VDR XMLTV2VDR Plugin

    Merge EPG information in xmltv-Format with grabbers into VDR

  • vdr-plugin-dvdswitch

    The dvdswitch plugin functions as a kind of a DVD changer. This plugin make it possible to select images and play them with the DVD plugin.

  • VDR ExtRecMenu Plugin

    An EXTended RECordings MENU for VDR.

    Please use English for bug reports and feature requests so that other reporters that don't understand German can find existing bugs!


    LCARSNG Skin

  • VDR Menuorg Plugin

    This plug-in allows to reorganize VDR's main OSD menu. The new menu structure is
    read from a XML config file. It's basic format is based on the format used by
    the setup plug-in.


  • VDR PearlHD Skin

    PearlHD is a set of skins for plugins extending the VDR-system. The main goal of the PearlHD skinning project is to provide minimalistic, aesthetic and consistent gui-skinning for the entire system. The skins are made to work best on hd-capable equipment. Currently skins for the following plugins are available/planned: Text2Skin, GraphTFT, yaepghd...

  • VDR PVRInput Plugin

    This plugin uses a Hauppauge PVR card as an input device. All cards supported by the ivtv, cx18, hdpvr or pvrusb2 driver should work. This version of the plugin requires ivtv driver version 1.0 or higher.

    If you like to test the 'hottest' code go to

  • VDR SkinEnigmaNG

    "EnigmaNG" is a standalone skin for VDR based on the "Enigma" text2skin addon.

    Please use English for bug reports and feature requests so that other reporters that don't understand German can find existing bugs!

  • VDR SndCtl Plugin

    This plugin provides an interface for controlling one or more sound cards.

    To get the latest plugin type

    git clone git://

    If you find a bug, please open a ticket.

    If you have a feature request, also open a ticket....

  • VDR Streamdev Plugin

    With the streamdev plugin you can receive live TV streams via network. Current version supports

    • VDR-to-VDR streaming for native VDR clients,
    • HTTP streaming, which is particularly useful for Windows clients and clients on the Internet and
    • Multicast streaming if you have many clients watching the same channels or as a feed for multicast-only settop boxes....
  • VDR Series Record Plugin

    A plugin to provide an automatic 'series record' function. Written for UK Freeview, also tested with New Zealand DVB-S, but should be compatible with any DVB-T service using TVAnytime (ETSI 102 323). Also includes a patch to enable accurate recording.

  • VDR TVOnscreen Plugin

    Shows the EPG info in form of a typical TV magazine

  • VDR UPnP Plugin

    This plugin adds UPnP-AV/DLNA support to the VDR

  • VDR Vodcatcher Plugin

    The Vodcatcher plug-in allows to parse RSS feeds containing video streams as enclosures. The plug-in will play such streams by passing them to the MPlayer or Xineliboutput plug-in.

  • VDR Webvideo Plugin

    Webvideo is a VDR plugin for downloading videos from popular video sharing websites such as YouTube.

  • VDR ZapPilot Plugin

    The ZapPilot plugin is a fork of the orphaned pilotskin plugin which was originally coded by Christophe Nouhet. This plugin makes it easy to see what is going on on other channels while still watching the current channel. You can get detailed information of the event and set timers. ...

  • vdr-channels.conf

    Sammlung unterschiedlicher channels.conf geordnet nach Empfangsart/Region.

  • vdr-plugin-burn

    VDR plugin to create DVDs from SD VDR recordings while being able to manage the creation process completely from inside VDR. Among many features it supports multiple recordings on one DVD, multi-page menus with user-friendly navigation and automatic requantization (shrinking) of the video tracks while reducing the required temporary space as much as possible....

  • vdr-plugin-dxr3

    Outputdevice plugin for em8300 based cards.

  • vdr-plugin-imonlcd

    imonlcd is a plugin for the Video Disc Recorder and shows information about the current state of VDR on iMON LCD.

  • vdr-plugin-infosatepg

    This plugin reads infosat EPG data from DVB-S

  • VDR LCDproc Plugin

    Output to LCD modules that are supported by LCDproc

  • vdr-convert

    vdr-convert is a command line tool to accurately transcode VDR1.x and VDR2.x TV recordings, including all valid streams - video, audio (including AC3/DTS 5.1), Audio Description (AD), and DVB subtitles - into more compressed and accessible formats, while maintaining perceived quality with good compatibility....

  • vdr-plugin-live

    LIVE Interactive VDR Environment. A plugin based WEB frontend to control your VDR.

  • vdr-plugin-markad

    This plugin marks advertisements

  • vdr-plugin-mousemate

    The mousemate plugin allows to control vdr with a mouse.

  • vdr-plugin-muggle

    a music browser with database backend (mysql, postgresql, sqlite)

  • vdr-plugin-osdpip

    OSD Picture in Picture plugin for the Video Disk Recorder

  • vdr-plugin-osdteletext

    Displays teletext pages directly on VDR's OSD

  • vdr-plugin-scripting

    The VDR Scripting plug-in allows to extend VDR's functionallity by writing plug-ins in a dynamic script language. Currently only Ruby is supported, but if everything works well, Python support might be added in version 2.0.

  • vdr-plugin-sudoku

    The VDR Sudoku Plugin generates Number Place puzzles, so called Sudokus, and let you solve it.

    A Sudoku puzzle consists of 9 x 9 cells subdivided into 9 regions with 3 x 3 cells. The rules are simple. There have to be the numbers from 1 to 9 in every row, column and region. In the beginning some numbers are given. These cells are painted with cyan background color. The aim of...

  • vdr-plugin-targavfd

    targavfd is a plugin for the Video Disc Recorder and shows informations about the current state of VDR on Targa USB Graphic Vacuum Fluorescent Display.

  • vdr-plugin-text2skin

    VDR Text2Skin Plugin

  • vdr-plugin-ttxtsubs

    VDR Teletext Subtitles plug-in

  • vdr-plugin-tvtv

    VDR plugin to automatically insert/update/delete timers configured in the TVTV portal (valid subscription and yearly fee required) on a regular base (e.g. hourly check).

  • vdr-plugin-yaepghd

    A graphical EPG viewer.

  • VDRAdmin-AM

    VDRAdmin-AM is a web based user interface to VDR.

    Please use English for bug reports and feature requests as we have developers that don't understand German!

  • vdrffs


  • vdrnfofs - VDR-NFO-FileSystem

    vdrnfofs creates a virtual Fuse-based file system that maps recordings from the Linux Video Disc Recorder (VDR) to *.nfo and *.mpg files.

  • vdrpbd - VDR Power Button Daemon

    A daemon to handle ACPI power button event on VDR systems.

    Report your Issues on GitHub, please:

    Release file downloads:

  • VDRRip Plugin

    This is a plugin to encode the vdr-recordings or dvd's into several formats. The supported output-formats are:

    Containers: avi, ogm, matroska
    Video-codecs(divx): lavc, xvid, divx4/5
    Audio-codecs: mp3, ogg-vorbis, stream-copy for ac3 and mpeg2...

  • Weatherforecast Plugin

    WeatherForecast provides a weather forecast (who'd have thought? ;) ) based on data.

  • x-vdr


  • Xeatre.TV VDR patches

    This project contains the VDR patches used in the commercial product Xeatre.TV.

  • Xine-lib

    This is a GIT repository mirror of
    The repository contains additional branches of xine-lib where several patches are maintained.
    master: Mirror of 'default' branch from

  • XineLib Atmolight Plugin

    The "atmo" post plugin for xinelib based media players analyze the video picture and generates output data for so called "atmolight" controllers.

  • xxv - Xtreme eXtension for VDR
    XXV means Xtreme eXtension for VDR and is a central service for the administration of the VDR and his environment.
    • Easy extendible perl framework, scalable to control one or many VDRs, with one interface...

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